Summerland Surf School was established in 1997 by Simon and Lorraine Freeden to encourage and teach surfing to all ages, abilities and nationalities. Our aim is to give you a fun, safe, uniquely Australian surfing experience which will leave you with surf skills for life.

Simon & Lorraine Freeden began their first business in 1985 in the new upcoming industry of Tea Tree Oil, established the first organic Tea Tree Oil company in Australia and trading as Pioneer Tea Tree Oil and Coraki Tea Tree Oil. They started out small, producing the oil themselves and going to the local markets to sell their products. This helped hone their knowledge of business which expanded steadily. As part of the Australian Tea Tree Industry they travelled overseas with Austrade to promote Tea Tree Oil and established clients in Europe, America and Australia. During this time Simon was missing his surfing more and more so he started travelling from their farm at Myrtle Creek near Casino to Evans Head. Once he started surfing again he knew that was where he belonged, with his passion for water sports. Simon & Lorraine and their 2 children moved to Evans Head in 1993 and Evans Head Surf School was established in 1997 after Simon became a Level 1 surf coach with Surfing Australia. After a couple of years it became obvious that there was a need to expand up to the Ballina & Lennox Head area. Simon upgraded his skills becoming a Level 2 coach and the business name changed to Summerland Surf School. During this time they opened the Evans Head Beach House offering accommodation, meals and surf lessons. As the surf school business grew and Simon started his Uni degree they saw the need to bring in another coach to cover the Ballina/Lennox area. Brett Singleton joined Summerland Surf School in 2006 as a Level 1 coach and quickly upgraded his skills to become a Level 2 coach as well. Summerland Surf School works with local schools, youth camps, charities, disabled groups as well as locals and tourists to the area. With quality coaching, fun and safety the priority they have had repeat business from customers for many years as well as beginners to their classes. Simon is a life member of the local Half Tide Board Riders club supporting and encouraging local youth in Evans Head into an active, healthy sport and giving free training to the young up and coming members of the club. In July 2009 Simon & Lorraine purchased Evans River Kayak Adventures (established in 2005 by Sergio Jacomy) with an aim to expand with fun, educational and environmental tours.  In October 2009 Simon completed a University degree at Southern Cross Uni for Environmental Science – double major in Environmental Management & Coastal Management. Whilst completing his degree Simon and Lorraine decided to expand the kayak business and established Evans River Cruises & Kayaks adding a purpose built boat for cruises on the Evans River with optional kayaking on the day cruise. This now gives the public a wider range of activities which anyone canenjoy.

“We have a love for the beach and ocean as well as the Australian bush and wildlife and would like to share our passion, local knowledge and Simon’s education on the environment and surf coaching skills with visitors to our region of the Far North Coast of NSW. By giving quality professional surf lessons and informative, fun tours on the Evans River we hope to give visitors a taste of what this area has to offer as well as some understanding of the ocean and the environmental issues we all face and what every individual can do to help. With a little education we hope that they can then appreciate other areas and environments and pass this on to others locally and when they travel”.